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Don’t All Androids Come with Play Store?

To be honest, when I heard about PlayStoreDownload.Club, my first thought was, “why on earth would anyone have to download Google Play Store? It comes automatically on all Android devices.” Turns out that assumption of mine was overly simplistic and there are actually plenty of reasons why you might need or want to download the Play Store apk file manually. And that’s when you need to go to PlayStoreDownload.Club.

Aside from having free downloads of all the latest Google Play Store apk updates as soon as they are released (plus an archive of older ones in case your device doesn’t get along with a newer version), this site also has tons of useful information for Android users who are having issues with Play Store on their device.playstore

For instance, it never occurred to me that someone buying a cheap clone device from China could end up with no Google certificate and consequently no Google system apps – reason #1 why people sometimes need to download the apk file for Play Store.

And it should have been obvious, but I guess because I don’t root my devices I never stopped to think how someone with a rooted Android would get updates to Google Play. Reason #2.

 Finally, there’s usually a wait time between when a new Play Store update is made available and when your device actually updates (based on Android OS version, device, region, etc.), so downloading the apk file directly is a great solution for impatient types.

Play Store download info for specific devicesplaystore

Something that I think is pretty useful about PlayStoreDownload.Club is its archive of articles on downloading the Play Store apk on specific brands of Android devices. Most of you reading this blog know that it doesn’t matter what brand your device is, as long as it’s Android OS, it’s the same Play Store apk, but I would say most people on the street wouldn’t know that. And if someone buys a used Samsung Galaxy S6 on Amazon and, surprise! When they get it, it’s been rooted and Google Play Store is nowhere to be found, you know what they’re going to do? Ask Google how to “download Play Store for Samsung”.

How to download Play Store apk files

Again, while you might already know how to download an apk manually, it’s not something that most casual Android users are familiar with. That’s why it’s nice that most posts with new updates available to download include some basic instructions to help less tech-savvy folks get Play Store installed with no problems. There’s also a fairly active forum where people ask/answer technical questions and issues, get recommendations for new apps, or just chat about what’s going on with Android and the Play Store.

So if you’re an Android fan like me, and especially if you have a rooted device, I recommend you check them out. You can find them here:


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