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The Best Ways to Bring the Best out of your PlayStation 4

The 8th gen console war is already but declared as won by Sony, that’s because the PlayStation 4 has rocketed ahead of the XBOX One when it comes to sales data. With Sony’s PS4 continuing to impress the masses, many want to know how they can expand on the enjoyment the console brings. You’ll be pleased to read that there are a variety of areas from which you can do just this.

VR Headset

It might not be out yet, it actually releases this October. But this headgear is sure to be on the wish list of many PS4 gamers. Virtual reality will allow gamers to visit the game worlds and explore them, bringing a totally new vision when playing games. It’s expected to be another hot selling item from Sony, and is already limited in pre-order supplies. The only set back is that you’ll need to fork out $350 to get one, but it’s a purchase that you’re sure not to regret.


PS4 Fight Stick

Any fan out there that loves fighting games such as Street Fighter V should invest in a quality PS4 arcade stick. After all, it’s the ultimate accessory to have for those who enjoy these types of games. You are sure to feel this extra element of gaming and it will totally transform the way in which you play such titles.


The typical bundle comes with a 500GB HDD, and the updated edition comes with a 1TB HDD. This might sound like plenty of data storage, however, in reality, it isn’t. A typical game can be nearly 50GB. That means you’d be able to store less than 10 (when you take in to account you’ll probably have game saves, media and more). The good news is that you can easily swap the HDD of the PlayStation 4. Samsung offer a 2TB hard disk dive which is well-built, not only this, but it will also decrease your game loading times – this is a real bonus.

PS4 Headset

Audio is an important element to any game.From the screeching of tires to the warzone booms, the better your audio quality, the better you experience. Having a good quality PS4 headset is important for the majority, especially if you have family around you that don’t wish to hear the noise. The top brands include, MadCatz and Turtlebeach. However, if you want a mid-range wireless headset, then the PlayStation Gold headset is the way to go. For the more premium option, try the Astro Gaming A50 (but you’ll need $300).

Charging Dock

The DualShock 4 controllers are amazing in many aspects, but it’s the battery-life which is a little annoying. This problem can easily be resolved by owning a charging dock and two controllers. Simply, when the battery runs out you can just swap it for a fully charged controller, and so on. Never have low battery again.

Which PS4 accessories do you believe are the best? Hopefully this article has helped you to decide on a few products.

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