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Making Money from Instagram – Some Practical Tips

Instagram that started out as being a fun way for people to share photographs has been on a roll ever since it was plucked out of relative obscurity with Facebook acquiring it for a mammoth one billion dollars. The deal was considered astounding for a company with no revenues. Since then, it has gained great traction to become the fastest growing social media platform with a user base in excess of 400 million.

While Facebook has remained cagey regarding the extent of advertising revenues Instagram has been pulling in, experts are of the opinion that there has been a substantial contribution to Facebook’s $5.84 billion revenue in Q4 FY15. This can only increase now that users have the facility of uploading videos too. Out of Facebook’s top 100 advertisers, a whopping 98 also advertise on Instagram. With such a large amount of buzz around Instagram, there is also a very good potential for smart users to monetize their accounts. Some practical ways of earning money from your Instagram account:


Acquire a Large Number of Followers

For your account to be attractive to brands, you first need to get a large number of followers to whom advertising messages can be targeted. The more the number of followers you have, especially those interested in a particular aspect, the more you become desirable to companies and brands wanting to make an impression on their target audiences. There are quite a few ways of increasing Instagram followers; primary among are relevance and quality. You can also like photos posted by other people in your niche so that an interaction can start and they can become your followers. Running contestsis also a very effective way of acquiring followers and generating Instagram likes.

Include a Blog Link

If you want to make money on Instagram, it is vital that you include your blog link in the photo caption as also a very clear call-to-action. All products should be numbered or tagged so that users can find it easy to identify products when placing their purchase orders. As of now, Instagram does not permit links in the captions to be clicked so users will need to copy-paste or retype the link in the browser window, so it is best to make the URL short and simple.

Ensure High-Quality Images

Since Instagram is all about images, you need to ensure that users will be drawn to your posted images, and this can be done only when they are of very high quality. It is only when you can show your followers images that really appeal to them that you stand a chance of monetizing your account. When you are posting photographs, make sure that they show the product or the brand at its best and tell a story that is interesting and relevant to the viewers. Add to the visual appeal of the images by graphically altering them and being creative with the various tools and filters that are commonly available. Make sure that the images are current and the products or services are readily available for purchase.

Post Videos for Additional Engagement

Now that Instagram allows users to post videos up to a maximum of 15 seconds, this can be a real boon for advertisers. Now products and services can be showed while being consumed and it is easier to show how delighted customers are. Almost all products benefit with a demo of how they work and what results or advantages they bring to the table. Go ahead and post as many videos as you like – just make sure that they are clear and crisp so that they deliver the maximum bang.

Author bio: James Neville a technology correspondent for a leading computer journal. He has also written a number of articles online on how small businesses can leverage the maximum benefit from social media and techniques on getting the most Instagram likes.

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