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Animal Jam Tips: How to Find Players for Trades

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If you are playing Animal Jam right now, whether you are a member or non-member, you might be wondering how to find players to trade within the game. There is a trading system in Animal Jam and you will have to get all of the items together you want to trade before you try to find other players to trade with. We are going to tell you just how you can find other players in Animal Jam to trade with, which can help you find the items you want while getting rid of items you no longer need. You can read more below but also check out all the details on animal jam trading here.

Best Way to Find Trading Partners in Animal Jam

Head to Populated Areas– If you want to trade in Animal Jam, the first thing you need to do is find a populated area where other players are hanging out. In Animal Jam, this could be many locations such as Jamaa Township, which is usually full of players. There are always players in these populated areas looking for people to trade with, so you will notice you are likely not the only person trying to find a trading partner. Even locations like Coral Canyons is a good place to start if you want to try to find other players in Animal Jam to trade with.

Stand Out From Group– Even though you want to be around the populated area and in the middle of the action, you also want to stand out a little from the group of players. You do not want to be just in the middle of this group because people might not see you or pay attention to you. Be close to the group in the middle but also be far enough away that you can ask people about trading and people will come up to ask you about trading as well. If you are blending in the group then it is harder to make your presence known so be a little standoffish and try to get either in front of the group or move to the sides of the big group.


Simply Ask to Trade– Once you find yourself a good spot to hang out, then just type out a message asking people if they want to trade. You can include anything you want in your chat message such as “Want to trade with someone and I am fair” and you can even move around to get people to notice you more.

Wait for a While for Offers– Sometimes you will not get a trade offer or message back right away. Depending on who all is in the area, the players there might not need your item or might not have an item to trade with you for a fair trade. You want to wait a while to see if players message you about a trade. If you are busy you can always come back to the area later on and try again. It is important to not go with the first person to message you if you feel they are not trading fairly or if you think they might be scamming you. You can repeat your message every hour or so since new people will be in the area and might not know you are looking to trade. It might take a few hours to find the right person to trade with so be patient and wait it out. You always can go to another area in the game and try to trade with people there if you are not getting success in the location you are in.

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