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I bet you did not know this about Google!

In this internet era, it is just impossible to do without ‘Google’. However, do you know that this search engine too has its own hacks and tips? Well, we present before you a few of them and surely, you are going to go crazy over those!

●     Get your calories compared

Go to google and type [favorite food 1] vs [favorite food 2]. A chart would appear which would compare both the foods’ nutritional value in perfect detail. It would measure everything, right from calories to the magnesium content. It’s just like how we do Mobile Comparison.

●     Play the geography trivia game

With the help of Smarty Pins, a Google Maps tool, you can play the geography trivia game in which it would ask you games and you are supposed to give location-based answers. The pin has to be placed on the world map. General knowledge can be tried and specific categories can be tackled.

mobile comparision

●     Play Zerg Rush

This is yet another proof that Google wants you to have fun and not just work.  This is a game by Google which uses the ‘o’ characters . These characters can be destroyed by clicking on them with a mouse pointer, before the rest of the page is destroyed. So, if you are bored play Zerg Rush.

●     Plan your wedding

Yes, you can use the wedding planner of Google for making sure that everything is just perfectly set for the wedding. It would help you make announcements, find a venue, plan the budget, set up a guest list and much more.

●     Find out the fixtures

Missed out a league? Well, don’t worry as Google is here to make you happy. All you need to do is google the name of that particular league and you would get an access to the list of fixtures right there. So enjoy!

●     Enjoy the Atari Breakout

All you need to do is search on Google images with ‘Atari Breakout’. Once you start this, you yourself wouldn’t know how your one hour flew away.

●     You can now explore the universe

Google Sky lets you explore the universe with its images that it brings from NASA satellites and Hubble Telescope.  Galaxies that are millions of light years away from the Earth can be explored. Moreover, you can also listen to space podcasts and learn more about astrological signs.

●     Timer can be set

If any amount of time is Googled followed by the word ‘timer’ a countdown would start. Moreover, there is even an option of sounding an alarm at the end. This is perfect for kitchen lovers.

●     Calculate the tip

Don’t have the capacity to calculate the tip after a heavy meal? Well, use ‘tip calculator’ of Google. Enter the bill amount and the percentage you wish to tip. Also enter the no. of people. It would perfectly calculate how much tip has to be paid.

●     Download cool fonts

After going to Google fonts, you would come across a huge range of free fonts for use. Either you can download them to the PC or you can make them as default font in the browser.

●     Draw characters and symbols and translate them

After going to Google Translate, there is option where things can be drawn manually such as Chinese characters, which can then be translated into English.

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