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The Mobile Game World


Mobile game development

The market for mobile games is exploding. The mobile market was estimated to be about $7.8billion in value in the year 2012, in 2015 mobile games were key contributors in rise of market revenue for mobile apps representing about $34.8 billion in the entire globe. Estimates are that in the year 2016 mobile games will hit the $41.5 billion revenue mark and probably $74.6 billion in the year 2020.However, for this booming market to keep running developers have to be dynamic and innovative. Mobile game development begins with the devices themselves. The question in most peoples’ minds is whether mobile games will replace traditional console gaming. Mobile game development involves lower risk and minimal costs and also has been increasing at a phenomenal rate. It the best platform for developers to start off and build their career in the game industry. Oli Christie the CEO for Neon Play stated that everyone can have a great idea for developing an app but it is not always the case as depicted by low-quality games. Mobile game development requires that developers keep generating and creating new mind blowing features on their mobile games.


A developer might, for instance, want to consider a shift from 2D to 3D android game development when considering operating on android platform. The traffic panic game, for instance, developers had to create a 3D version of the same. However, even then they only made lesser sales than the original 2D version. At this point, therefore, they had to begin to search out what features may be they did not provide that fans were looking for. In this case, therefore, Neon kept bringing in new qualities in the game.


Marketing android games

Probably the one question to have in mind which is the largest market for android games. Some developers will target countries with a large population like China. However, the largest target market would be having all the social networks combined. The largest percentage of time spent on android phones precisely is in gaming and that is definitely going to stay that way for a while. The increase in the use of smartphone has been constantly on the rise with about 55.5 percent users in the US, for instance, using smartphones. The following tips would best help in marketing android games;

  • Provide app install using Facebook ads

Most of the people connect via Facebook and so it provides a wide a market share for mobile game developers. Users feel that the developer is more interactive and close enough to hear their concerns.

  • Submit optimized mobile games

It only results in frustration to submit partially finished the mobile game. Users are likely to give it low ratings and reject games from that particular developer.

  • Submitting the mobile game to multiple stores

There are several platforms to market mobile games. Google play store, however, is the most common and popular. Developers should as well check out amazon app store.

  • Marketing through reviews

It is necessary to have quality reviews written concerning the mobile game. Users have some information on the product before they can make the purchase.

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