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Kamstrup Multical 402 Heat Meter

The Kamstrup Multical 402 heat meter is a compact ultrasonic energy meter with supreme measuring accuracy that registers exact amounts of consumption. It is designed for use in heat and cooling measurement in all types of water-based, energy-consumption system producing temperatures of 2 to 160 degrees Celsius in residential and commercial buildings, including housing associations, multiple occupancy housing, blocks of flats and industrial units.

The Multical 402 is actually a 3-in-one model, functioning as a heat, cooling and combined heat/cooling measurement system for all water-based plants. It comes with an integrated flow part in sizes that range from qp 0.6 m3/h to qp 15 m3/h. It is designed for maximum usability and functionality, displaying the actual, accumulated and target date consumption. With extra pulse outputs for volume and energy, the device can be easily integrated into any form of building management system.


This energy meter even takes functionality to a higher level by allowing wireless meter reading via a wireless M-Bus, which is a one-way radio communication peripheral that has an open protocol. As such, Kamstrup has also supplied a wireless M-Bus reader, which is a hand-held reading unit that automatically collects meter data when in physical range of the Multical 402, though wireless reading can also be done with the MULTITERM Pro. Furthermore, the meter can be easily integrated into an advanced radio-based meter reading system, where data is automatically transferred back at the utility to the central meter data management system.

Another asset of the Multical 402 is that it is maintenance-free and offers a long lifetime that guarantees users minimum yearly operating costs. The popular range of heat meters under this model number is approved as Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) Class 2 and compliant with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. All these things imply that these energy flow meters will ensure precision recording of energy consumption for domestic and commercial environments in a way that it only incurs low annual operating costs.

Also, this heat meter from Kamstrup requires no battery change, as well as easy to install and wear-free. Constructed with a new ultrasonic technology without any moving part and fine-tuned process, this meter’s battery supply will keep it running for 16 years. This device is definitely a good investment to make, considering the accurate measurements it provides and its low total cost of ownership throughout its long life.

Moreover, the Multical 402 is the first product from Kamstrup with a report for carbon footprint, which means that it has less environmental impact, as it only produces small amounts of emission throughout its entire service life. And when it comes to emission, this heat meter is focused on low-energy.

Basically, the Kamstrup Multical 402 is the successor of the Multical 401, which is a popular energy meter on its own that is being used for residential and commercial applications.

To purchase this product or know more about it, give us a call today. We have this product in stock for next day delivery!

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