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Starbound 1.0 Finally is Here


Starbound 1.0 – Leaving Orbit is an oldish game, first release was 3 years ago. Before a month (22, July 2016) they release the most updated, stable and bug free version.

What Starbound is about?

Starbound is a 2D sidescrolling crafting based game. After crash landing to an unknown planet, you have to make your way out of it. You have to gather resources, fix your spaceship and get back to your home planet. Is is a very close version of Terraria but space themed. Also the graphics and gameplay will remind you Minecraft in many occasions but this not in a First Person View.

Crafting and Survival

In order to survive in Starbound you must become an expert on crafting. You can craft a large number of items like:

  • Blocks
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Foods
  • Tools
  • Furniture

Blocks are basically bricks that been used to build castles, houses or any kind of defense walls.
Armor is used for clothing, more armor = receive less damage.
As about the use of Foods and Weapons, there is not much to say.

maxresdefault (2)


Multiplayer is the most interesting part of the game. You can play together with other players and build your new fortress, gather the needed resources necessary for the spaceship repairs. PvP is very often and many times it becomes annoying. For those of you that are not much in to PvP, i suggest you to play on your own server. Rent a shared multiplayer server hosting then set a password so only selected people will join. You can always go with a dedicated server, but this require a lot of tech expertise.

Overall Starbound has receive very positive feedback is a great indie game, that will keep you focus on your screen for many hours. Very chilling gameplay that will relax and take your mind away for a while.

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