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Which R4 card supports both on New 3DS and DS Lite in Spain?

In Spain, which R4 card supports both on NEW 3DS and DS Lite? Is it supporting both ds and 3ds games? Where to buy it with cheap price? Here, let me solve you the 2 questions.

Which R4 card supports both on NEW 3DS and DS Lite?

CompatibilitySystem:3DS V11.4.0 and DSI V1.4.5



Console: 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/NEW 3DS


Price€18€17.8€15 to €17€9.9€1517.8
Main FunctionSupport ds games(roms), homebrews, emulators for GBA/SNES/NES and other classic games, multimedia functions on 3DS System.

Here I list the working and popular r4 cards for NEW 3DS and DS Lite, if you want to pick up the best one for the NEW 3DS or DS Lite console, R4I-SDHC RTS 3DS is the one should be recommended. It is the r4 new 3ds/ds lite flash card with less problems but support the most games and full functions.

Which R4 card plays 3ds&ds games on NEW 3DS and DS Lite?

  • What R4 card can do on new 3ds and ds lite: 1. Hack ds games to play for free. 2. Support multiple ds roms to run on new 3ds and ds lite. 3. Play region free ds games. 4.Install homebrews&emulators&applications to your console. 5. Allow real-time save, user cheats, soft reset and other features.
  • What R4 card can’t do on new 3ds and ds lite: 1. Can not play any 3ds games on any 3ds/ds machine. 2. Can not support emunand.

So you naturally know that No R4 card plays ds games. Plus the fact that, you won’t be able to play 3ds games on old DS handheld systems. It is not possible.

Where to buy R4 card with lower price to play free ds games in Spain?

Comprar3dsr4.com, you can buy R4 card for your new 3ds and ds lite console from this time in Spain. Why, because they support free shipping, safe paypal payment, useful 3ds ds game code and the reasonable price to buy r4 flash card. If you want to buy it with more lower price, you can even send e-mail to admin@c omprar3dsr4.com to get the R4 card coupon. They support the discount too.

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